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Wedding Photographer Checklist

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2009
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Wedding photographs are considered one of the most precious possessions a woman can have. Think about the lovely stories the grandmother can tell their grandchildren when they pore over the photographs many years later. These magical moments are over in a blink of an eye and can never be recaptured again in its essence. Hence, it is not unusual for celebrity or famous wedding photographers to charge exorbitant prices for their skills. There’s nothing wrong in paying a little extra to get THAT photographer who suits your taste in photography.

Nevertheless, there are a few items on the photographer’s checklist you definitely want to go over before your big day. Read on and do consider them when discussing with your photographer.

THE Wedding Night – Tips For 1st Timers!

Posted by on Apr 10th, 2009
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Alright, stop sniggering. It’s been a long day and both of you probably want to retire back to your hotel suite for a well deserved rest. Of course, the wedding night has been a long cherished moment both of you have been looking forward to and you certainly want to make sure everything goes right the first night!

The wedding night can be a taboo for discussion especially for the more conservative Asians but a little preparation and some tips below will help path the way to a wonderful night!

A Wonderful Wedding Without Being Knee Deep In Debt

Posted by on Apr 7th, 2009
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We all heard the naysayers in the last few months predicting an economic recession for this year. You’re scared and you know it’s true. With everything going up except your salary, you’re both wondering if there’s anyway to keep costs down at your wedding. The best solution is to postpone it but you probably can’t wait to start your new life together. So that leaves us with the next best option – Cost Cutting measures. What I’m going to share below is probably not going to win a Nobel prize for Economics, but I’m quite sure it’ll save you enough money to go on a decent honeymoon.

Life Lessons from Cartoon Movies

Posted by on Apr 2nd, 2009
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Valuable life lessons we’ve learnt from watching cartoon movies

All fairy tale stories usually have a similar recurring theme in their animation movies. They usually involve a beautiful maiden, a male suitor, a baddie and definitely a happily ever after. Judging from all the children’s costume competitions that are so prevalent lately, it is easy to see that every girl has her own secret idol. From the luscious hair of Rapunzel to the carefree life of a Princess in Aladdin, every girl wishes that she can have the particular character or physical attributes of her Princess idol.

Other than enjoying a good romantic ending, I always tend to discover the life stories after the movies end and how they relate to a relationship. Can’t see the connection? Here’s a few for you to ponder on!

Problems Encountered At A Friend’s Recent Wedding

Posted by on Apr 1st, 2009
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6 Problems Encountered At A Friend’s Recent Wedding – How To Avoid Repeating The Same Mistakes At Your Own Wedding :WE SOLVE IT FOR YOU!

It’s the month of sunny June and I’m getting tons of wedding invitations from friends all over. If it’s a wedding of a close friend, you’ll be more than eager to participate and make sure that his/her wedding will be a memorable one for everyone. However, things never seem to go right at times, especially if unexpected problems suddenly crop up. That’s the story I’m going to share with you all and a valuable lesson could be learnt from my experience.