My Malaysia Wedding is made up by those who felt that a space on the web was needed where we could share our experiences in wedding planning, as well as to find useful information on a variety of wedding related topics.

There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. – I Corinthians 13:13


pktanis the Editor-in-chief, the part-time designer, basic-html coder & janitor @ A turn of events few years ago lead him to quit his old job, and embraced web 2.0 trusting his entrepreneurship instincts.

PK believes that love demands honesty and courage, and with these two, you can overcome any hurdle that lies infront of you. Oh well, what does he knows anyway! PK is still single and available — so send your “resume” in! Read more [+]

Vernon Ong

Vernon Onghas an active and imaginative mind. Vernon constantly pushes the boundary to what is considered the society’s acceptable norm and delights in seeing the reactions people give when they face the thin red line between in fashion and indecent. Vernon thrives on a wicked sense of humor and everyone around him instantly recognizes that Joker grin when He is up to no good. He is constantly the life of the party and people have formulated the secret recipe of a successful and fun party into 3 Vs – Vernon, Vernon and Vernon. He strongly believes that in a successful and lasting marriage, there are only 2 criteria – Communication is nearly everything and Money can buy nearly everything except Communication.

He is currently married and constantly makes his beautiful wife happy and angry at the same time – Happy that she has found the perfect lifelong partner and angry that He never makes the bed in the morning. Read more [+]

Cindy Tan

Cindy TanI like to snuggle under the quilt on rainy days. I have an entire wardrobe full of fluffy, furry, little soft toys (I’m still a little girl at heart). My hubby says I’m the only one he knows that rates a hotel by their bubble baths. Chocolate to me is like sunshine after rain. I am hopelessly romantic. I love weddings and happy ending movies. Whenever I come across a nice wedding idea, I’ll turn to my hubby and say let’s get married again (to each other, of course!), we’ve got to do that at our wedding!

We had so much fun planning for the wedding as well as during the wedding that I want to do it all over again. We did a catwalk for our second entrance during the dinner and even had a game of limbo rock for the guests; winner gets a 2D1N free stay at the resort! The live band was a hit with all our guests, young and old. 1 July 2006 was a celebration of love. We explore every corner of the net, books, magazines and realty shows to give us inspirations to perfect THE special day. Up till today, we still have friends and relatives that come up to us and say that was the wedding of the year. Hmm… I should start planning for our anniversaries. You can read about my wedding here!