Life Lessons from Cartoon Movies

Valuable life lessons we’ve learnt from watching cartoon movies

All fairy tale stories usually have a similar recurring theme in their animation movies. They usually involve a beautiful maiden, a male suitor, a baddie and definitely a happily ever after. Judging from all the children’s costume competitions that are so prevalent lately, it is easy to see that every girl has her own secret idol. From the luscious hair of Rapunzel to the carefree life of a Princess in Aladdin, every girl wishes that she can have the particular character or physical attributes of her Princess idol.

Other than enjoying a good romantic ending, I always tend to discover the life stories after the movies end and how they relate to a relationship. Can’t see the connection? Here’s a few for you to ponder on!

Snow White


Ahh… The iconic movie that is billed the Mother of All Fairy Tales. When the movie was first released, most of the children thought their grandmothers looked suspiciously like an evil witch and they suddenly understood why an apple a day kept the doctor away. Other than reminiscing the times when I always stood in front of my mum’s mirror and insisted that it tells me that I was the fairest of them all, I also understood that in life, our loved ones often help us in ways we cannot imagine. Looking back at how the dwarves tried to save Snow White from the evil Queen, it made me reflect on the times when my own friends and family members often told me to stay clear of men who were not suitable for me.

Often when we’re blinded by love, the best person to judge the boyfriend’s character and intentions are actually outsiders. They could be your parents, your close friends or even colleagues. Since we’re so caught up in the moment, they may be events that we often miss out which could be tell-tale signs of how the relationship is going to end. More often than not, we put the blame on ourselves for not trying harder in the relationship. This could be in terms of making more time for each other, sacrificing things like a holiday to run his errands and etc. We might think that our efforts are worth it but our friends may think otherwise.

Our girlfriends and parents are actually the best combing tools to weed out potential disastrous relationships. Just as the dwarves knew about the kind heartedness of Snow White and how easily she could be manipulated by the wrong parties, our friends and families who’ve watched us grow up also know whether “that” man is suitable for us. Lest we have to hear the words “ I told you so”, it’ll be wise to look to your friends and parents occasionally and ask them for their opinions of your guy. Brutal honesty hurts but if they give their thumb of approval, you’ll be sure of a happily ever after.



In a world where freedom of marriage is now considered a birthright, our elders often put a damper in our relationships, especially those which involve cross cultural partners. Our elders have been shackled by the chains of conservatism and it takes time and effort to make them read the same page as you.

Pochahontas was probably doing what any girl would have done : Fighting for her right to love the man she desired. When Pochahontas saved her beloved Captain from her father, the selfless act proved that love transcends all race, religions and family backgrounds. Her dad was touched by her daughter’s love and set the Captain free. The Captain also repaid her dad’s trust by saving him from a bullet.

The walls of distrust are always there, especially when you have conservative parents and a boyfriend of a different race. Breaking down these walls is never easy but it is worth it. Make sure that your partner supports your actions in convincing your parents that his love for you is nothing but pure and real. Parents tend to overprotective, especially so if they do not understand the culture and mannerism of their prospective son in law. I strongly believe that education and perseverance will help you win your parents over. Vice versa.

If your boyfriend is scratching his head on how to win your parents over, he could always pick up a line or two from the movie. In one memorable scene, Pocahontas visits John and says it would have been better had they never met, but Captain John says he would “rather die tomorrow than live 100 years without you (Pocahontas).” I remembered using up an entire pack of tissues after hearing that line.



Cinderella always makes me recall one word “ Step-mothers”. Nope, I’m not talking about the nice ones but those who probably sent the Devil scurrying to do their housework. We’ve probably heard all the jokes there are about evil stepmothers, but did we see Cinderella lament about her miserable life? Probably not.

Whilst it’s so common for us to conveniently point the finger at others for our problems Cinderella has been a pillar of quiet strength and beauty. Even when she was harshly treated by all and sundry, Cinderella did not flitch from her responsibilities and even managed to make the best out of her situation. Heaven is always fair to you if you do unto others, how you want others to do unto you. It also does help if you have a fairy godmother granting your wishes with a wave of the wand.

Yet the central theme of Cinderella is forgiveness. The moral of the story can be summed up simply as “Beauty is a treasure but graciousness is priceless. Without it nothing is possible; with it, one can do anything”. I’ve learnt that forgiveness is an integral part of maintaining a close relationship with my loved ones. If Cinderella could forgive her step sisters at the end of the story, what better tonic is there for this unfair world if we do not aspire to be more like her.

Beauty and the Beast


Before you start looking at your boyfriend to make sure those nose hairs are in place, why not think back the first time you met him? Was it love at first sight? Was it his muscular appearance that caught your eye? Or was it his romantic gestures that set your heart fluttering?

As much as conventional fairy tales portray their Princesses as a sight to behold, you’d probably be dismayed to know he probably thinks you’re the Beast in the relationship. It’s conventional wisdom that guys woo girls for looks and girls are attracted by guys with inner beauty. Anything extra is a welcome bonus.

In the fairy tale, it tells of sacrifices made by Belle and Beast. Belle had to stay at the castle so as to fulfill her father’s earlier promise, whilst Beast had to let Belle go home even though he did not bear to do so. When Belle finally returns to the castle, she finds Beast dying in his rose bed with a broken heart. Belle had begun to love Beast despite his appearance and she managed to break the curse and Beast was transformed into his original form.

However, this fairy tale is not about who is the prettier one in the relationship. It is perfectly normal for both parties to have unrealistic expectations of their other half in a relationship. The trick is to find a compromise so that you become the Beast and your other half becomes the Beauty. This not only ensures that both of you strive to meet your other half’s expectations, both your sacrifices will also enhance your relationship to the next level. It may sound like hard work but believe me, you’ll get to hear the sweet sounds of birds and bells in your golden years.

In the end, fairy tale cartoons are not just fantasies that occur in a far, far land once upon a time. With the right attitudes towards a relationship, both of you could create the happy ending that would be the envy of others. If there was one last characteristic I always wanted to have after watching the cartoon movies, it’s a good singing voice so that I can summon the birds, rabbits and other cute animals to do my household chores every morning!

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  1. Too much fairy tales make us all believe in happy every after, which isn’t the reality in our modern life. Love can be easily substituted, by affection for kids, money, responsibility etc etc.

  2. Yah, definitely so.

    So what about us guys – no matter how uglt you are, so long you are rich, you get a pretty girl!

  3. btw, vernon. you got Pocahontas name wrong! What you SMOKING! heh

    not , you only use Cha(s) in BO BO CHA CHA!

  4. There’s a bit of Cinderella, Pocahontos, Snow White & Belle in all of us. We can choose to be gracious & openminded, but there’s also the greed, envy etc 7 sins in all of us. Gimme a poison apple, i might just eat it for the sake of eating it.

  5. Why is it whenever it comes to a fairy tales story or a love relationship, it has to be female focused? Why can’t the princes and heroes to look up their cousins or admirers rather than pestering these pretty gals? It takes two to claps right?

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