Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

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Every little girl’s dream is to grow up, fall in love and marry the one man whom she will have and hold, through good times and bad, till death do them part. Fairy tale weddings do come true, however, it is keeping the marriages that seem to pose a problem once the magical dust settles.

Marriage isn’t just a natural progression from fluffy cloud nines, or an escape route to ‘living on your own’. When you say “I do”, bliss and happiness do not simply fall into your life with a wave of a wand. Conversely, marriage is about the readiness to embrace the worst in couplehood and live out your wedding vows of ‘through bad times, bad health and poverty, till death do us part’.

It’s easy to share the good times, the laughter and joy, that’s what even puppy lovers do. But keeping a marriage together is about the conscious effort and will from both parties, to commit to the relationship, even through the darkest days.

This conscious effort will steer your decisions in life. Simply put, it’s the effort to kiss and make up after a huge fight, the effort to ride through thunderstorms hand in hand, the effort to not walk away when differences cant be ironed out, the effort to re-spark the relationship when love fades, the effort to pick up the pieces of a heartbreak and try anew, the effort to overcome emotional upsets including betrayal, and the extra effort to walk away from temptations.

This conscious effort will make you keep your vows intact, which is possibly the foundation to any blissful marriage. And this is of utmost importance because when the flurry of love fades, chances are the bond you have built with your spouse will be strong enough to survive the trials and tribulations of a typical marriage.

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