THE Wedding Night – Tips For 1st Timers!

Wedding Night Fun
time for the cherry popping!

Alright, stop sniggering. It’s been a long day and both of you probably want to retire back to your hotel suite for a well deserved rest. Of course, the wedding night has been a long cherished moment both of you have been looking forward to and you certainly want to make sure everything goes right the first night!

The wedding night can be a taboo for discussion especially for the more conservative Asians but a little preparation and some tips below will help path the way to a wonderful night!

Keeping Your Emotions In (Reality) Check

Both guys and girls approach sex very differently and hence, one must always bear in mind that your partner may or may not be as prepared as you for the wedding night. This is especially true for virgins who may have a myriad of emotional anxiety, excitement, stress or apprehension. Fret not as you are not alone feeling this way.

Some people may even have emotional trauma when it comes to sex due to bad experiences encountered while growing up. This could be in the form of strict upbringing whereby parents view sex as a taboo / “dirty” subject or unpleasant past experiences.

As such, it is very important that couples take some time to communicate their expectations of their first night as a couple. Discuss on your fears and fantasies will prepare both of you better for the big night. Should any partner have a physiological or physical barrier towards intimacy, it would be best to seek professional help to overcome this issue. Remember, women are emotional and men are physical when it comes to sex. Take time to discuss your differences.

It is also important to respect each other’s desires and boundaries when it comes to sex on the first night. Take your time to explore each other and this will keep your marriage interesting for many years to come.

Planning Goes A Long Way

Well, women normally need a lot of preparation to get them into mood for the wedding night. Okay, I do mean for any night that involves sex. It would help to prepare in advance the lighting, scents, music and a very comfortable bed to get the girls into the mood for love. Guys, you’ve been forewarned. Any wham bang thank you ma’am will not score you any points, much less for the bride’s first night. In fact, you may just have turned them off with your insensitive approach to the most magical moment in their lives.

A relaxed atmosphere will certainly get things going. It doesn’t hurt if both parties did some body “housekeeping” to present their best for the big night. Unwanted hairs can be easily removed and excess flab can be reduced with regular trips to the gym / dieting prior to the wedding. Confidence or a lack thereof can sometimes play a key role on the big night.

Looking sexy is always a key ingredient to a fun night! You could surprise each other with lovely gifts so that they can wear it for the night of passion. The internet has full of surprises for the big sexy night!

Be creative! Think along the lines of candles, aromatherapy, massage oils, chocolates & strawberries, bubble bath and etc.

Oh, a word of caution, if family planning is in the works, prepare the rubber (read : protection)!

It’s Not The Rush Hour Honey

Wedding Night Fun

Sometimes people put too much expectations on the first night. Let’s be realistic : After months and weeks of preparation, a whole day of events and a hectic schedule, who else has the mood for sex?

Normally, couples can’t wait to retire to their beds and have a good night sleep. It could be a case of the drunk groom who probably isn’t even going to get out of his suit, much less get his you-know-what up and running. It could be that the newlyweds have to sleep early so that they can rush off to their honeymoon the next day.

For the many reasons, the consummation may not happen on the wedding night and there is nothing to be ashamed off. You both have got a lifetime together and I always say it’s the journey that is important, not how you start it off.

After a long and hectic day, the last thing you both want is to continue to put on a false smile and try to please one another. If both of you are tired, take a well deserved break and let the “festivities” carry on the next day.

The wedding night is only as good as you want it to be. There’s nothing wrong to postpone it to another opportune occasion when both of you are physically and mentally ready for the best time of your lives!

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  1. I think the 1st time seldom happens during the wedding night these days! Oh well, one can always play pretend!

  2. Hilarious images used ~ but nevertheless some really good advices here. One more tip – keep it simple. No too daring moves during the first time, do not .. do not, try those moves you see on “movies”.

    And, if you aren’t the 1st time, ” KISS – keep it simple stupid! ” will keep your secret hidden. No one try the wheelbarrow or helicopter the first time!

  3. Another creative post. Well done.

  4. *sniggers*

  5. You can apply all these to your 1st time too! WOO HOO!!

  6. Hahaha.. sure lights up my day! Don’t mistake the holes! Read up, and do watch a bit of porn, it helps. Just don’t do any of those strange moves – stick to the missionary, ontop.

  7. Porn works for guys only. Girls need lots and lots of mental and emotional stimulation!!

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