Tips on How to Handle Wedding Stress

This comes at the wrong time and to the best of us when we are not expecting it. We can choose to deny it, but accept the fact that wedding stress will creep up on you so fast; you won’t know what hit you. When it comes, you may not even know that you are under stress. You start recognizing it only when you are sitting down and planning the wedding checklist. Recognize your stress and handle it. Below are five tips on how to handle wedding stress, wedding planning.

Find a Good Listener

It doesn’t matter how many times you shared your problems and stress with your closest friend, they do try their best with “don’t worry.’ That is really helpful, isn’t it? Is it advice we are looking for or are we actually looking for an outlet to release all this emotion? Will telling us what to do prevent us from feeling helpless and trapped? Do we really need to hear “don’t worry”? What we really need is a listener who is prepared to listen and understand and to show empathy. We need a shoulder to cry on, so find that person at the very beginning of your plans.

Nothing Goes Well

You get excited knowing nothing can spoil your day. That is what a sane person would do. Now, if you allow yourself to accept the fact that things can and will go wrong, you will have a more perfect wedding compared to the person that thinks nothing can go wrong.


When you and your loved one comes together, leave the wedding and anything referring to it out your conversations. Talk about anything, but make sure the wedding stays out of it. Keep it like the old days.


Don’t obsess about your wedding too much or so that it starts to affect you in a negative way. Always remember that you have your family and friends, so spend time with them. Tell them about your wedding, if they want to know, and you will find it an excellent way of how to handle wedding stress, wedding planning.

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