Wedding Countdown Part 1

Planning your wedding – even with the help of family and friends – can take a toll on your mental, emotional and physical health. It’s never too early to start planning for the big day, whether the pretty details like the trimming on your cake or a possibly relationship-breaking guest list. So where do you start? Just check out my handy guide!

The Wedding Ceremony

Okay, let’s clear this up once and for all. Wedding ceremony does not equate wedding reception. Wedding ceremonies can be literally translated as the formal procedure (and the most important legally) where you exchange your vows. Religious ceremonies top our list with most wanting to walk down the aisle too. If you’re thinking of something more exotic like marrying on the beach, in a zoo, or on a cruise, it’s definitely do-able. Let your budget frame your desires, but the choice should ultimately be yours.

The Religious Ceremony

Let the people at your local place of worship sort matters out for you. You do need to speak to them months before, especially if it’s a popular temple or church that takes bookings years ahead. Don’t forget that you should also choose the minister / religious leader who conduct the exchange of vows.

The Civil Ceremony

It is possible to keep it simple and marry formally in a civil setting, be it the wedding registry or some place like a hotel or hall, but do be sure that your registrar is licensed and recognized. Alternatively contact the Registrar of Marriages Malaysia for more information at +603 7955 7255.

The Wedding Reception

wedding party

If you’re having your ceremony at a religious place, then you can most probably throw your guests a luncheon right after in the same place – problem solved. If you’re not, I seriously recommend that once you’ve chosen a reception spot, that you book immediately as some hotels and halls take bookings as early as two years before. Don’t be surprise to find the five-star hotel of your choice is already fully booked for the dinner reception you were planning for even nine months down the road. And don’t fall for the first venue and sweet talking hotelier you come across. Consider the more important aspects like whether the venue can accommodate your guests, the cost of food per head etc.

Popular options are hotels, clubs and halls, but you do need to book way in advance. These places usually do packages with different price ranges to suit your budget. Consider if they provide you with options on dressing the main table or stage performances, menu, the time the reception can begin, serving staff, smoking / non-smoking areas, parking facilities, and a place to keep the wedding presents. If you’re looking to save money, then opt for a place where you can bring your own caterers. If it can accommodate your guests, your home would be ideal.

I will talk about the guest list, the photography, the stationery, the flowers and other issues in part 2 of the wedding countdown.

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