Wedding Photographer Checklist

Wedding Photographer Checklist

Wedding photographs are considered one of the most precious possessions a woman can have. Think about the lovely stories the grandmother can tell their grandchildren when they pore over the photographs many years later. These magical moments are over in a blink of an eye and can never be recaptured again in its essence. Hence, it is not unusual for celebrity or famous wedding photographers to charge exorbitant prices for their skills. There’s nothing wrong in paying a little extra to get THAT photographer who suits your taste in photography.

The current trend of wedding photography demands the photographer to be able to capture “The Moment” . It could be the little peck on the bride’s cheek from her father (Let’s say Awww..), the flower girl kissing the page boy (Flower girl mother beware!) or the funny moment where the granduncle does an impromptu Macarena dance(That little blue pill sure is working!)

Nevertheless, there are a few items on the photographer’s checklist you definitely want to go over before your big day. Read on and do consider them when discussing with your photographer.

Family History

It is the utmost importance to let your photographer know your family background before he goes around taking photographs at will. Sensitive issues like family feuds (This aunty hates that aunty), divorces (Stepmother and Mother is a no-no) and recent deaths must be made known to the photographer so that he knows how to act accordingly. This is to eliminate awkward photographs and potential escalating tension between the family members.

Family Photographs

There are many photograph checklists available on the internet with regards to the flow of photographs to be taken with the married couple. A distinct flow of immediate family and extended family photographs must be followed to avoid confusion and make sure that even the family’s goldfish has taken their photo with the couple. Look up the checklist from the internet to get an idea of the flow of photographs so that no relative can complain that they didn’t have a chance to take a photo with you!

Your Wish Is My Desire

Wedding Photographer is not a genie
wedding photographer ain’t a genie, and you aren’t Aladdin!!

Don’t all brides have their whims and fancies when it comes to photographs? It could be that stunning golf course backdrop view, or that beautiful sunset, or even a wedding dress and the wedding slippers. Photographs tell a tale of our wedding day and it would be best to compile a comprehensive list for the photographer so that he doesn’t miss out on any special moments which you will want to be photographed and kept for memory. The internet again has an abundant list of ideas (crowd applause, exchanging vows, exchanging vows closeup, bride looking at mirror, bride looking at wedding dress, bride looking at her ring – you know the drill) you could use. For the picky ones, state your desires and they shall be granted. For the not-so-picky ones, you can trust your expensive photographer to do their job.

Gone In 60 Seconds

Wedding Photographer Gone in 60 seconds
out of topic – this MOVIE just needs more publicity

Nope, it does not refer to how long your marriage lasts, but rather the time it takes for a Polaroid shot to get developed. If you’re trying something creative like Polaroid photographs or instant photo printing service for your guests, make sure that this is made known to your photographer in advance. I attended a wedding whereby the couple gave everyone an instant photograph from the digital photo printer which was provided by the photographer. It adds a personal touch and also ensures that everyone goes home remembering what a beautiful couple you were that night. Another couple made sure that all their guests had a Polaroid picture and once the photographs were developed, the guests wrote their well-wishes next to their Polaroid photographs pasted on a nice scrapbook. Not every photographer may have the necessary equipment to do so and you might want to check before hand.

Time Is Everything

Photography actually takes time! Everyone needs to stand in position, adjust their clothes, suck in their stomachs, smile/grin/put V sign, say Cheese and take at least 2 shots. The good news is – The above sequence takes only 2 minutes. The bad news is – You’re running out of time.
Make sure that when you prepare your wedding ceremony or wedding banquet timetable, there is adequate time to cater for photography for you and your guests and family members. Failure to do so will ensure that you will offend many people and your shots will not turn out nice. You have been forewarned!

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  1. There’s a BIG difference in getting professional photographers and amateurish ones definitely. Those who had done a bit of wedding days photography session, will know how to tackle the busy moments, are always ready for thing. Unlike amateurish ones, that probably be overwhelmed by the situations.

    So spend the money people!! Don’t just get your friends to come in with their DSLRs, you will probably end up with no photos!

    It is ONCE in a life.

  2. Well, I did encounter some amateur photographers (enthusiasts) who actually take better pics than those “wannabe” pros. I guess the rule of the thumb is to check their portfolio before committing. It’s all about personal tastes and styles I guess.

  3. Yea agree. I have seen a lot of professional but I find their style outdated, nothing fresh.
    The comin up ones amazes me several times. That’s the risk you have to weigh, the older ones are experienced and you’re sure to get the “standard” shots, the shots they’ve been learning, practicing, repeating for years long. The new ones, come up with fresh, out of the world ideas, not all but..hey, you can always review their work and judge for yourself.

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